Using SEFAUtil – Part 2 – Perform configuration using the tool

In part 1 of this series I covered the installation of SEFAUtil and how to get it to run. This part will focus on using the tool and what commands can look like.

This two part series of posts is all about SEFAUtil:

Available Switches

SEFAUtil comes with various switches, which allow you to get or make configurations for features like delegate ringing, call forwarding, etc. You can get a list of all available switches by starting the tool without typing a command.…

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Change friendly name of a X.509 certificate

Hello everyone!

During my last Office Web App Server deployment I was in a ‘complicated’ situation: The friendly name of the needed X.509 certificate wasn’t defined and so the creation of the new Office Web App Farm wasn’t possible.

TechNet describes the requirements for securing the Office Web App Server Farm (OWA) with HTTPS. OWA identifies its certificate by friendly name, therefore it must be defined and be unique. You can find the full article for planning and securing the deployment of the Office Web App Server Farm here.

I didn’t want to request a new certificate so I did a short research.…

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Quickie: SefaUtil and Skype for Business Server 2015

This is just a short addition to my last post about SefaUtil.

At the moment there is no Resource Kit for Skype For Business Server. So for me this means the Lync 2013 ResKit should do the job until there is something new. Unfortunately SefaUtil from the Lync 2013 ResKit will not work properly with Skype for Business. SefaUtil requires UCMA 4.0, but Skype for Business uses UCMA 5.0.


There is a not supported workaround: Social Technet

I hope there will be a fix soon. It is rumored a fix will come with SfB CU1.



SEFAUtil is available for Skype for Business since 6/24/2015  – here.…

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Using SEFAUtil – Part 1 – Prerequisites and Installation

SEFAUtil is part of the Lync Server Resource Kit. This Kit is a collection of various tools to help with tasks while deploying and managing Lync Server.

This two part series of posts is all about SEFAUtil:

  • Part 1 – Prerequisites and Installation: Set up a Trusted Application Server and get SEFAUtil to run
  • Part 2 – Perform configuration using the tool


What is SEFAUtil?

As said SEFAUtil is part of the Lync Server Resource Kit tools. It’s a command-line tool that enables you to configure the following options:

  • delegate-ringing
  • call-forwarding
  • simultaneous ringing
  • team-call settings
  • group call pickup

Most of the options can be configured by the Lync user himself using the “call forwarding” settings within the Lync client.…

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